About Us

A Welcome Message from Larry

My name is Larry Paullin. I started The Bard’s Yard with a number of lofty goals – But first and foremost to work in Education. Working on making education more accessible. Finding ways to teach more to more people. What people want to learn, what they need to learn, and what they can profit by learning.

Education, whether in public/private school settings, homeschool, or at the workplace, should be king, queen, and the whole court. The Bard’s Yard will talk about and offer ways to learn, ways to teach, and ways to enjoy both. Alternate lesson plans, curricula development, and educational tools to help reach every student that sets out to learn.

The Senior Staff

Larry Paullin – Founder Larry resize6

Professionally, the owner/founder of the Bard’s Yard has a Master’s Degree in Higher Education, tutors, develops curricula, edits, copywrites, and ghostwrites. He has a number of years as a Recruiter/Business Development Manager for a Personnel firm and experience as a Corporate Trainer.

Personally, he’s a Shakespeare fanatic (to read, to teach, to act, to direct… that is the question); a recovering curmudgeon with a passion for puns who still has more hair than his kid brother and most of his own teeth. He loves to cook and eat, and is a single malt scotch snob with an affinity for a good Nicaraguan or Dominican cigar to boot.

gem1Gem Anthony – General Manager

There is a time and a place when an idea needs to move from hobby/love/windmill-tilting to business. Meet the part-architect/part-midwife tasked with making this a business: Gem has done this before, to say the least. She’s helped build multi-million dollar corporations from idea to sale; she knows accounting, she knows licensing, she knows marketing; she has shepherded companies with 3 employees, and companies with 750 employees.

Personally, she’s a Jill-of-all-trades: Writer, avid reader, chef and baker, crafter, mom, grandma, and champion of all things Build-a-Bear or Disney.