Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Benefit From The Bard's Yard?
  • Students from Middle School through College
  • Homeschooled Students and their Parents
  • Teachers looking for additional Curricula and Lesson Plans
  • High School and College students needing help with paper research or citations/formatting
  • Adult learners (back in school or learning for learning’s sake)
  • Anyone needing copy, ghostwriting, editing, or speeches written
What is Your Teaching Philosophy?

While we have a considerably more detailed teaching vision (available upon request), the core of it is simple:

We believe in Differentiated Instruction. Simply put, it is that every student not only has the right to be able to learn, but also the key to being able to learn in how he/she processes information. We teach using visual, aural, and kinetic clues and presentations. Timelines, puzzles, presentations, podcasts, and many other modalities allow information to be absorbed the way the student best learns it.

What Can You Expect From Me?
  • I will listen and work with you on the things you want (and/or need) to work on
  • I will work on finding out how you learn best and concentrate only on those methods
  • I will ask you lots of questions, to make sure that you grasp the concepts we are working on, rather than written tests
What Will I Expect of You?
  • To be open and responsive to learning
  • To pay attention and be courteous
  • And most important, ask questions
Will You Write My School Paper or Take a Test For Me?

No. We are not a “paper mill” that will sell you term papers. We are not affiliated with any, so we cannot refer you to one either. We will show you how to research, outline, and format your paper, as well as proof-read for style and grammar, but your paper has to functionally be your paper. Likewise, we will not take tests, quizzes, or complete any other assessments for you.

Where Can I Get Details on Tuition Pricing and Package Options?
  • For Subscription and a la carte plans, click here
  • For Pricing on both academic and acting lesson pricing, click here
What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

Currently we accept PayPal (payments through PayPal can also be made through your credit card, with or without a PayPal account.

What Is Your Refund Policy?
  • Unused portion of tuition will be refunded upon cancellation
  • In the case of copy written or works ghostwritten, one (1) free draft will be provided