Dragged Kicking and Screaming into Tweetsville

Well, it was only a matter of time. I had avoided tweeting for the first nine years of its existence. Technically, IĀ STILLĀ have avoided it, as I have yet to tweet my first tweet (tweet my first twit? I get confused about social media conjugation), but it is now simply a matter of time. See, it’s an assignment. I have a graduate class in Collaboration in a Virtual Environment and one of the collaboration-in-a-virtual-environment tools we are to explore is, yes, twitter.

I finally succumbed to Pinterest, because it actually gives me a platform to organize many of my interests and sites/postings in a more Larry-Friendly manner than, say, bookmarks. Yes, to call me “Old School” is pretty much akin to calling the aircraft carrier Enterprise a rowboat. But this Twitter thing… I’m still trying to figure out the subtleties.. like why it exists.

I am doing my due diligence, and truth to tell, there are some happy advantages that I think I can use in my education career going forward. It can pass on quick announcements to my students, it can pass along useful notes, links, and research materials for both assignments I give and projects I research myself. And even put me in contact with people that I can learn from and network with. Looks like I might wind up being a social creature after all. Despite my best efforts.