Taking Classes with The Bard’s Yard

Our tutoring services are available for students in Middle School, High School (private, public, charter, or home schooled), College, as well as Adult Students. Elementary school students will be evaluated on an individual basis. Courses available are:

  • History (American, European, World)
  • American and English Lit (including Shakespeare)
  • Social Studies and Government
  • Test Prep
  • Study Skills and Note-Taking
  • Research and Essay Papers, including Formatting and Citation Rules

Tuition Plans

Our Subscription-Based Tuition (SBT) plan is for students with long term goals who want to be sure their day/time slot is reserved permanently.

Our SBT plan works as follows:

  • The student pays a set tuition equal to the value of four lessons each month, regardless of the number of lessons attended, in order to reserve the day/time slot.
  • Students can also schedule one additional lesson per month at no extra charge if they have something special coming up like a final, a project, or an audition – based on the teacher’s availability.
  • If there is a fifth week in the month that the student’s day/time slot falls on, the fifth lesson is free of charge.
  • Cancelled lessons, with 24 or more hours notice, can be made up or banked for later use in the same quarter, provided the teacher has suitable availability.

The benefits to the student of an SBT plan are:

  • Having the knowledge that your day/time slot is permanently reserved.
  • Never having to pay for more than four lessons a month.*
  • It provides the student with the peace of mind that extra help/lessons are available at no additional cost.
  • It makes budgeting for tuition easier.

*This applies to students who have a once a week lesson schedule. It does not apply to students who have multiple lessons during one week or for students who have bi-weekly lessons.

We offer A La Carte Tuition (ALCT) or schedule as you go, plans for students with short term goals or for those needing help with onetime projects, tests, auditions, and the like.

  • ALCT day/time slots are only reserved for the number of lessons paid for, and any day/time slot after that can be purchased by another student at anytime.

For example: If you have paid for five, 30 minute lessons on Wednesday at 2:00 on the ALCT plan, your teacher’s calendar may have another student booked for the following  week (the sixth week) of that same day/time slot. This means if you need any additional lessons you would not be guaranteed that day/time slot.

Can we interest you in free lessons?

All you have to do is refer new students to us. Here’s how:
  • Refer a friend, relative, or someone you know, for classes with us.
  • When they pay for and attend their first class, you will get one free lesson.
  • Should they purchase five or more subsequent lessons, you will receive another free lesson.